Local elections

The Green Party candidates for the 2018 Borough Elections are:

 Blunsdon & Highworth   Andy Day
 Central  Bob Heritage
 Chiseldon & Lawn  Paul Sunners
 Covingham & Dorcan  Kate Henery
 Eastcott  Steve Pagett 
 Gorse Hill & Pinehurst  Steve Thompson 
 Haydon Wick  Poppy Leeder
 Liden, Eldene & Park South  Simon Fairbourn
 Lydiard & Freshbrook  Andy Bentley 
 Mannington & Western  Peter Dilly
 Old Town  Bill Hughes 
 Penhill & Upper Stratton  Howard March 
 Priory Vale  Bradley Williams 
 Rodbourne Cheney  Rod Hebden 
 Shaw  Ken Kimber 
 St. Andrews  Flora Wilkins 
 St. Margaret & South Marston  Anita March 
 Walcott & Park North  Kate Freeman 
 Wroughton & Wichelstowe  Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn 


Andy Day


Image of Andy Day"My partner, Linda, and I have lived in Highworth for more than 20 years.  The determination of the residents to defend institutions such as the Post Office and Library has inspired me, and, as a local candidate, I seek to preserve all that is good in Blunsdon & Highworth.

I support several local charities, and have always been amazed and delighted by the generosity of Highworth residents when confronted by yet another collecting tin.

I have been a member of the Green Party (formerly known as the Ecology Party) for many years, and remain firmly convinced that our policies are sound and necessary for the greater good.  However Green councillors, unlike those of other parties, are not bound by the party whip system.  This means that, if elected, I shall be free always to represent the ward without constraint."


Kate Henery


Image of Kate HeneryKate Henery is standing for election in Covingham and Dorcan to enable all voters in that ward to place a vote with the Green Party.  If elected, she would listen to residents'  views on matters that are important to them and address those issues as effectively as possible.

Kate originally came from Manchester and has lived in Swindon since 1991.  She is a founder member of the Hreod Burna Urban Forest in Swindon, where she has been treasurer since it's inception.  Kate has raised three children in Swindon, who have all attended local schools.  Kate has run various workshops concerning composting, recycling and reducing household waste.  She has been running her own garden maintenance business serving the local community for over 10 years.






Ken Kimber


Image of Ken Kimber"I have lived in the ward for nearly 30 years and understand the concerns of local residents. I have worked in schools in Swindon and Wiltshire as a teacher of special needs. I currently enjoy working with refugees with the Harbour Project and volunteering for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

I believe that a Green councillor representing West Swindon can make a huge difference, standing up for local people, and standing up to other political parties.

I believe that it is only the Green Party that is proposing real action on climate change, and has a vision of a fair, just and equal society."





Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn


Image of Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn

Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn has lived in Wroughton for twelve years. A songwriter and musician, she's also worked for a Legal Aid solicitor's practice. Songwriting led Talis to find her voice addressing environmental issues and our country's raging social injustice.

Currently Talis is one of Wroughton’s fifteen independent Parish councillors, and she is a former Chair of the Council. She was the Green Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Swindon South in 2015 and 2017.

After campaigning to ‘Save Swindon’s Libraries’, Talis became a founder Trustee of the new Wroughton Community Asset Trust, which manages Wroughton library following its defunding by Swindon Borough Council. Talis presently chairs the Trust.

Talis is passionate about human-scale solutions and community engagement, having volunteered at Swindon’s Repair Cafe, local schools, and local events including helping fundraise for the successful Kings Farm Wood appeal. The Swindon Advertiser said of her neighbourly 'Compost Buddies' scheme that it showed she was: "...the sort of person most neighbourhoods could do with many more of."

"Those now in charge seem intent on taking from us every community asset and shared good. Our communities are being asset-stripped while we watch. Childrens' centres have closed, leisure and heritage amenities are increasingly being handed over to for-profit companies, holes in the road are now fenced off rather than mended. We're not a poor country; we shouldn't swallow the lie
that we can't afford these things anymore. Choices are being made which are not to the benefit of the people of Swindon."

"We need our local facilities more than ever – not the false economy of 'savings' from centralising services and cutting funds to all that enables an area to be truly a community, rather than a dormitory. We need accessible, affordable and reliable buses, roads that aren't full of potholes, and pedestrian crossings that don't flood at every rainfall. We were told we had a planning system that would listen to us, but it’s become clear that we don't."

"We deserve a local council that encourages positive community actions, that helps us all to find less wasteful, more connected, and healthier ways of living together.


Poppy Leeder


Image of Poppy LeederPoppy is standing in the Haydon Wick ward in the 3rd May local elections. She's lived in neighbouring Rodbourne Cheney since moving to Swindon 13 years ago.

Amongst many issues she is interested in Poppy is keen to see traffic problems, and the resulting localised air pollution, tackled to improve the environment for residents and to help keep Swindon moving. She has previously worked with the council on cycling issues and helped map out the Western Flyer route.

As a member of the Green party which doesn't operate a whipping system, she is keen to bring a different voice to local politics that will hold the council to account and deliver for the residents of Swindon.

Poppy works for one of the region's MEPs, and volunteers in Swindon and its surroundings for an animal rehoming charity.


Anita March


Image of Anita March"My husband and I have lived in Stratton for over twenty years.  Our two children attended St Margaret’s preschool before going on to Grange Infants and Junior schools and Kingsdown school.  I helped to support both the preschool and infants school through volunteering in the classroom and being part of the committees that raised funds for the schools.  Through FOGS, I also supported the Junior school and I have worked as a TA at Kingsdown.  I have also worked within other Swindon schools and know the importance of funding good education for our children, as well as local sports and community facilities for all.

I have worked for Oxfordshire County Council in Abingdon, so my daily commute on the A420 means I am aware of the importance of the decisions the Borough Council needs to make about the White Hart Roundabout and the surrounding roads such as Ermin Street and Merlin Way.  I believe we should be working for the future of our children by finding ways to fund and invest in local transport needs including full cycle routes around Swindon with secure cycle parking facilities."



Paul Sunners


Image of Paul Sunners"As a member of the Green Party I will represent its principles at the forthcoming local elections to be held on Thursday 3rd May 2018.

The ‘voice’ of the Green Party reflects a commitment to fairness, citizen participation, shared responsibility, world peace and environmental protection.

We can no longer ignore the damaging impact of human behaviour on our planet which now demands we explore more sustainable ways of living to preserve our world’s resources and its beauty.  The impact on our use of plastic has gained national and international prominence since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet TV series. 

I have lived in Chiseldon since 1997 and since 2010 have been privileged to serve as a Chiseldon Parish Councillor.  I am committed to ensuring our local environment is protected and our local communities are safe and, as far as possible, free of crime.  I have been an active member of our local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and in my capacity as Vice Chair of the Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch Association continue to promote the principles inherent in community safety.  As a Parish Councillor I have played a proactive role in supporting the interests and needs of young people and other vulnerable groups who live locally.

As a governor of a Swindon primary school, I am particularly interested in the Swindon Borough Council’s aspiration for Swindon to gain recognition as a Learning Town, a global initiative supported by UNESCO.  In doing so, I firmly believe the success-criteria be judged within a context in which Swindon is also a SAFE town; a HEALTHY town; a CLEAN town and of course one that is PROSPEROUS in terms of EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES for all.

My interest in local issues, education and community safety extend to my role as member and Treasurer of the Swindon Equality Group affiliated to The Equality Trust, whose national role has been strategic in campaigning for the Living Wage and whose focus continues to highlight the impact of INEQUALITY on people’s lives in relation to housing provision, fair pay, health and education opportunities.

The Green ‘voice’ does not have Council Member representation within the Borough Council yet its principles merit public representation.

Please do consider supporting my GREEN PARTY nomination as a prospective Ward Councillor serving Chiseldon and Lawn on Thursday 3rd May."