Three Tests for the Budget

23 March 2011

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP today set out the three major tests which George Osborne should address in his budget on Wednesday:

  • It should be a budget fostering the development of a sustainable economy, not a budget relying on unsustainable growth
  • It should crack-down on tax evasion and avoidance and ensure that banks and corporations pay their full share
  • It should use this extra taxation to support, rather than cut, public services.

Lucas called on George Osborne to produce a balanced budget – one which brings our economy back into balance with our environment. The banking crisis should not be used as an excuse for more unsustainable, indiscriminate and destructive growth.

Caroline Lucas said: “We have to learn to live within the means of the planet. At present, we are consuming three planets worth of resources which, is not sustainable and leaves a horrendous legacy for future generations. We know that it is sensible to expand some sectors of the economy but there does need to be shrinkage in the conventional sense of resource throughput. Protecting the most vulnerable in society has to be our goal, whilst at the same time ensuring those that have most pay their fair share.

“Our budget puts the economy and the environment foremost at the very heart and our overall aim is to set out how to make Britain a greener and much fairer society.”

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