3 December 2014

Swindon Area Green Party is to announce its Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for both North and South constituencies, at an open event at Cafe Art, SN1, this Wednesday evening.

Cafe Art, on Victoria Rd SN1, will be the venue for the ‘Meet your Greens’ event, from 6pm – 8pm. Hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and cake will be available to purchase, and everyone is welcome, children included. For those with mobility issues, the cafe is all on one level. Both Prospective Parliamentary Candidates will be present to meet and to chat to, along with other members of Swindon’s Green Team.

The Green Party, whose current national membership surge sees around a thousand new members joining every week, is determined to raise its profile. This is despite the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky’s decision not to include leader Natalie Bennett in its proposed Leaders’ debates, during next Spring’s General Election run-up.

“If people voted on policies alone, according to a recent poll by the ‘Vote for Policies’ social enterprise,” says Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn, “then the Greens would in fact win the next General Election. Policies like re-nationalising the railways, a living wage, and a citizens’ income, are what people want and know our communities need”.

Poppy Hebden-Leeder continues “We have a huge task ahead with regards to energy in this country. We would take tax avoidance seriously and invest the money due in areas like the renewable energy industry. It would be better to invest in creating new jobs to support a sustainable economy, than continue this current austerity which is so damaging to individuals, and which widens the inequalities in society”

Graham Mattingley concludes “The Green Party have a full and valid set of policies. We’re not funded by big businesses, and realistically, we’re now the main voice of opposition to the failing neo-liberal model still held dear by the other parties. I believe the Green Party is the only rational choice.”

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