17 December 2014

Since the news hit the local paper on Thursday morning, I've had several instances already of folk contacting me to tell me about issues that concern them, and on which they'd like my support, input and help. These are obviously just the beginning, so if I'm to use my finite resources to help raise the profiles of things that need changing, never mind actively have a hand in changing them myself, I need to be clear on what I can and can't (and will and won't) do.

To be clear – I currently hold no position of power or authority at any level in public service (although I have been a Parish Councillor and Chaired that body in my village for a time). This means that while I do have a certain profile as a PPC, and can and will use that to publicise and address all manner of issues – I can't act to change things any more than the next person, as yet.

However... I don't believe that any of us are as powerless as it often appears those in authority would have us believe, so let's see what can be done, hey?

What I WILL do:

I will listen to what you need to tell me. I take very seriously the concept of political 'representation'. My own life experience has given me a certain breadth of knowledge, but there's so much more I haven't done and don't know, so I need to listen, and you need to tell me.

I will use the profile I have, in the social media I use as a Green Party PPC and in more mainstream media as opportunities arise, to talk about issues and present solutions, and encourage others in my party, and in the wider community to be involved and address them too.

I will be courteous even when discussing matters where we may disagree strongly.

I will be honest about my views, intents, and about my abilities – this includes being honest when I don't know something (and being willing to find out!)

I WON’T, however, promise to attend every event and meeting to which I'm invited; that wouldn't be realistic. I won't pretend to have all the answers, but I will apply my Green ethics and principles to all the issues that are raised with me.

I believe in politics where people matter more than money, where public services should be run for the benefit of the public and not sold off in pieces to make profits for a minority, and where we determine to leave all our grandchildren a better environment than we inherited, rather than significantly worse. We're a rich country, and it's time we made better and more humane decisions on how the resources we have are shared out, and also time we took seriously the management of all those resources, finite and renewable, for the common good.

Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn
(Wroughton, 6th December 2014)

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